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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of increasing your rank on search engines like Google or Bing. Organic results have a naturally high Clickthrough-Rate and can generate a lot of traffic from high-volume keywords. Unlike paid advertisements on Search Engines, traffic from SEO has a much longer lifespan and is free. Our past 4 years of experience have taught us what works, and we work to best spread your message through the web using different Search Engines, Image Search, Local Search, Video Search, Academic Search, News and various industry-specific Platforms.

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Ever wondered if SEO could work for you? Or you’re not sure if your current SEO is doing a good job? With our SEOCheck, you get a personal call with one of our experienced SEOs! They will analyse your website, answer your questions and provide you with a report that reflects the status of your current website’s Search Engine Performance.

Our Strategy

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Before every SEO-Project you will recieve an overview of what we will be doing over the next months. You know your company and we know SEO – together we execute successful strategies. This is why picnature is a perfect match if you’re looking to outsource everything about your web presence.

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Google uses an extensive algorithm to decide which websites to show on page one of the results and which sites to show on page 99. How the algorithm works is not known to the public, but by observing the performance of different sites on Search Engines, SEOs like ourselves can come up with strategies that increase the rank of your website (and your content).

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Whether we create a completely new web presence or do SEO for an existing website, first we take a birds-eye look at the project and make a plan. The goal is to generate traffic and conversions.

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We can adapt an existing corporate design or create a new one for web and print.


A good design is responsive and user-oriented. That is why UX is our main focus.

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