SEOCheck by Picnature©

SEO is the process of increasing your rank on search engines like Google or Bing. Organic results have a naturally high Clickthrough-Rate and can generate a lot of traffic from high-volume keywords. Unlike paid advertisements on Search Engines, traffic from SEO has a much longer lifespan and is free. Our past 4 years of experience have taught us what works, and we work to best spread your message through the web using different Search Engines, Image Search, Local Search, Video Search, Academic Search, News and various industry-specific Platforms.

The Heart of SEOCheck©

SEOCheck© is your Opportunity to meet a Search Engine Optimizer. Recieve a high-level analysis of your current website – without big budgets or legally binding contracts. You will recieve tips on how you can increase the ranking of your site yourself, so if you do not end up working with us, you can experience SEO for yourself.

SEOCheck© consists of

  • A live Analysis of your web presence
  • A detailed, written report on your current Performance
  • Personal Consulting in our offices or via the phone
  • Free E-Mail-Followup

What about the live analysis?

  • On-Page- und Off-Page-Performance
  • Content Analysis
  • Current rank in your keyword niche
  • Social-Media-Presence
  • Search-Engine-Presence
  • Design and UX of your Website
  • Competitors
  • Web-Traffic-Analysis
  • Hands-on Tips for Improvement
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